Ongoing Service Program


Ongoing Service Program.

Financial Planning is not a set and forget process.

Any change, big or small, can have a dramatic effect on your expected outcomes, risk factors and time factors on your financial plan.

Regular adjustment is the only way to ensure you stay safely and confidently on route to your original destination goal.

How it works.

We’ll meet annually to fine tune your plan and ensure it’s still tracking toward your end goal.

You can also get in touch throughout the year whenever you need to discuss an event that may affect your financial plan.

Why it's important.

Having ongoing access to your advisor means you remain accountable.
It means that the initial financial and time investment made into your financial plan is continually nurtured and maintained.
It means your financial plan is fluid and adaptable to changes in your circumstances, such as kids moving out of home, purchase or sale of an asset, retirement, or changes in the economic environment.
It means you are better supported to avoid any pitfalls and ensuing your financial plan continues to work hard for you, delivering you to your goals.

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