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Becoming a parent brings a world of joy into your life, but it can also put a strain on your household finances. So if you’re planning to take time off work to look after your little one, make sure you’re financially prepared.

Retiring earlier and living longer: why every woman needs the right financial strategy to make sure their savings will last their distance

Women in Australia can look forward to long and healthy lives, with the average female life expectancy now higher than 84. What’s more, women tend to leave the workforce earlier than men, at an average age of 52 which means many women end up spending more than 30 years in retirement.


Ease the financial impact and be ready for your new situation
Going through a separation or divorce raises a lot of questions
One of these relates to money. Given you’re likely to have many other issues to consider, it’s important to focus on finances as early as possible. The sooner you sort out your financial situation, the easier it will be to adjust to your new circumstances.

Being your own boss can be rewarding, but it’s also incredibly challenging. That’s why it’s important to future-proof your hard work by taking steps today that will prepare your business for tomorrow.

It’s impossible to know what’s on the horizon, but with the right personal insurance, at least you can be financially prepared against life’s curve balls. So how do you know which types of cover are right for you? Here are some personal insurance basics to get you started on the road to financial protection.