The pitter patter of little feet.

You’ve found the right partner to settle down with and now you want to start planning for a family. You want to give your children the best start in life and opportunities that might not have been possible while you were growing up. Where to now?

Here’s a few bites for thought:

Have a candid conversation with your Partner.

It is important to be clear and upfront about all of the financial changes that will happen after you have a baby. You should know the reality of how you family will function after the child is born and who will be the primary care giver? Will the primary caregiver go to work? Do you need to overhaul your daily spending and saving habits?  Will you need to re-evaluate your goals and priorities including your financial ones?


Get real about the costs involved.

The most recent modelling released by AMP and the University of Canberra found that it will cost an Australian middle income family an average of $812,000 to raise 2 children. For higher income families, this jumps up to $1.09 million.

Plan, Budget, Revise

Some Costs to keep in Mind:

How child proof is your life?

Do you have room for a nursery? Is your 2 seater convertible going to fit a baby seat or is your current car safe enough for an infant? These are the things that you have to assess and budget for as the costs associated with raising children can start to pile up before they are even born.


Have you allowed for uptick in regular expenses?

You’ve got an extra mouth to feed and all of the little costs will quickly add up.  Things like nappies, bottles, formulas and clothes can get pretty expensive, have you got room in your current income to allow for all this extra spending?


What about further on down the track?

What kind of schooling do you want your child to receive? Will you be able to afford overseas family holidays and extra-curricular activities?


We can help you paint a realistic view of your current finances and perform financial modelling to help you get a solid idea of what your future will look like. We can also make sure that you are completely covered should something unexpected happen to you or your partner