The Perfect Retirement

Planning for your retirement

You’ve worked hard your entire life, you deserve to have the lifestyle you want. We’re here to guide you through all that wordy retirement terminology and to work with you to create a game plan for that jet-setting leisurely retirement of your dreams.

Retirement planning can seem a bit daunting and irrelevant for most of your life, but the sooner you start – the better your post retirement lifestyle. Let’s make this a reality and start now.

Key questions to ask yourself:

How much $$$ do I actually need for retirement?
How much am I happy to start putting aside now?
How long do I want to keep working for?

How long is retirement?

Most people live until their mid 80s so if you plan on hanging around to this age and retire at 65, that’s around 20 years that you need to support your lifestyle without a regular income from work.

What will my retirement look like?

Now that you no longer have the 9-5 commitment of work draining your time, what you do with it is up to you, things that will help you to start gaining a better understanding of the cost of your retirement lifestyle are:

What are my expenses going to be like?

When you stop working, you will need to factor in the following into your retirement savings:

This is just the beginning of things to consider when planning for retirement.

Let’s make sure you’re prepared enough to live a lifestyle you actually enjoy.

Our advisors can help to guide you through this process and ensure peace of mind when planning for the future – regardless of what stage in your working life you’re at.