That mind expanding trip

We all dream of THAT trip. Be it hiring a yacht to sail around Croatia, wandering around the wineries of Bordeaux or exploring the streets of Marrakech. You’ve worked hard and it’s time to explore this incredible mind-boggling place that we call this planet.

But where to begin?

Start with the destination.

Knowing where you want to go, how long for and what time of year you want to travel is the first step to setting a savings goal.

Once you have these details locked down, it’s time to start planning

Draft a budget

You will need to keep the following in mind when writing up a budget:

The upfront costs:

Spending money:

You will need to research the cost of living in your destination and set yourself a daily budget, factoring in that some days might be more expensive with things like meals, entertainment, tour guides and shopping.

Emergency Funds:

It is always wise to factor in a buffer should any unexpected costs arise. Being able to get home safely is always a top priority.

Set a goal

Now you have a realistic idea of how much this holiday will cost you, you can set a target to work towards, you current income and expenses will determine how much you can save and how quickly.

Wondering if you can manage saving for the trip of a lifetime with all of the other expenses you’ve got coming up this year?

Come for a coffee or a matcha and we’ll nut out the details together...