14 Dec '20

Healthy and Wealthy New Year

As the holiday season winds up, it’s easy to be distracted from your financial goals. But this is actually the perfect time to put a few simple plans in place for a positive start to the new year.

17 Nov '20

How would your life be affected if you had no income

The idea of insuring against loss of income is one that has clear value. The idea of insuring against loss of income is one that has clear value. Yet many neglect to insure their most valuable asset. Income protection could be the answer – so how does it work?

27 Sep '20

Why now is the time to think about investment risk

Reflecting on the past 6 months, particularly since the effect of Coronavirus on financial markets, I am concerned that many investors do not have a clear and tailored investment strategy.  My observations are that investors seem to be failing to understand one basic investment principle; 'The higher the return the higher the risk’.

31 Aug '20

Insuring inside or outside super

When it comes to choosing whether to hold personal insurance inside or outside superannuation, both options have pros and cons. Which one is right for you?

27 Aug '20

Learning from experience

Some people enjoy retirement more than for others – and one of the secrets to success is to start planning well in advance. We spoke with a 67-year-old who has begun his (semi) retirement with style, for his real-life tips on how to make your retirement dreams happen.

10 Aug '20

COVID-19 and your SMSF

COVID-19 has had an impact on many SMSFs. We look at the key issues.

1 Aug '20

Insurance for every life stage

It’s a good idea to regularly revisit your personal insurance to make sure it’s giving you the level and type of cover you need at your specific stage of life. 

20 Jul '20

Seven ways to get more out of retirement

Retirement is a period of life that most of us look forward to. But it can also be a challenging lifestyle adjustment, particularly if you’re someone who’s used to keeping busy. 

7 Jul '20

Protection for your financial plan

A financial plan is a powerful thing, but it’s most effective when it’s supported by a solid insurance strategy.