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There are so many different versions of insurances available that's it's often incredibly difficult to know which policy you need, for which circumstances, for which period in your life. You may already have insurances built into existing products and not even know about it, or you may be grossly uninsured. In the event of an accident, injury, change in circumstances or loss, it's important to know exactly how to protect what's important, properly.

That's where we come in. 

Protecting yourself, your personal assets and your business assets is a critical step in a detailed financial plan. It makes sense to have your insurances assessed at the same time as all other aspects of your financial life.

We've developed a series of quick Insurance Explained videos to help you understand common insurance terminology, in your own time and at your own pace. Since insurances are constantly developing and innovating, we're constantly adding to our Insurance Explained Library.

Check out our series below. If you can't find the help you need, please email us and let us know the kind of explainer video you'd like to see.

6 Dec '20

How much insurance cover do I need?

8 Nov '20

What should I consider with waiting periods?

20 Oct '20

What is a buy back option?

4 Oct '20

What is the difference between 'any' or 'own' occupation?

13 Sep '20

What is the difference between an agreed value and an indemnity contract?

1 Sep '20

Stepped vs Level Premiums