Market Wrap - August 2020

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Market Wrap - August 2020

Covid-19 developments continued to dominate attention. There were spikes in the number of new infections in both Australia and overseas, suggesting an economic recovery may be delayed.

Share markets powered ahead, however, as investors remained convinced that governments and central banks will provide sufficient financial assistance through the crisis.


17 Nov

How would your life be affected if you had no income

The idea of insuring against loss of income is one that has clear value. The idea of insuring against loss of income is one that has clear value. Yet many neglect to insure their most valuable asset. Income protection could be the answer – so how does it work?

27 Sep

Why now is the time to think about investment risk

Reflecting on the past 6 months, particularly since the effect of Coronavirus on financial markets, I am concerned that many investors do not have a clear and tailored investment strategy.  My observations are that investors seem to be failing to understand one basic investment principle; 'The higher the return the higher the risk’.

21 Sep

September Market Wrap

The release of Australian-listed company earnings gave local investors something other than virus-related news to focus on. Earnings rose ~15% in the June quarter compared to the first three months of the year. This was ahead of consensus expectations, but overall the results were underwhelming as anticipated.