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We're not just number crunchers.

The SMART Financial Planning team are dedicated to delivering more. We understand that engaging a financial planning team involves a lot of research, understanding and trust. 
That's why we are actively involved in pulling together learning resources to better equip you with the information you need to make stronger decisions.
We're big advocates on sharing our knowledge, so you don't have to be a client of SMART Financial Planning to get the benefits of our knowledge. We deliver high quality, in depth webinars, quick explainer videos and downloadable resources designed to provide you with a clearer understanding of all the components within the financial planning process. It's all about sharing and real human connection. 

Training videos & webinars by category.

31 Aug

Insuring inside or outside super

When it comes to choosing whether to hold personal insurance inside or outside superannuation, both options have pros and cons. Which one is right for you?

27 Aug

Learning from experience

Some people enjoy retirement more than for others – and one of the secrets to success is to start planning well in advance. We spoke with a 67-year-old who has begun his (semi) retirement with style, for his real-life tips on how to make your retirement dreams happen.

10 Aug

COVID-19 and your SMSF

COVID-19 has had an impact on many SMSFs. We look at the key issues.