personal insurance


Insurance plans designed for you.

Life can have a tendency to throw us some pretty rough stuff. The kinds of things that you would never dream of happening. The kinds of things that happen to other people. Until, you're one of the 'other people.'
It's pretty simple. Insurance gives you peace of mind and confidence in knowing you, your family and your way of life are protected, no matter the circumstances.

Personal insurance. In all shapes and sizes.

As part of your financial plan, we assess your personal insurance cover from all aspects to ensure that, together, we build a personal insurance plan that suits you completely. To look after you when things are moving along well and to protect you when things are not.

Life Insurance

Protects your family's future and gives them options if you are no longer around.

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Total Permanent Disability Insurance

Gives you options to help you live a better quality of life if you are permanently disabled and can't work.

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Recovery Insurance

Means you have choices so you can still make the most of life even if you have a serious illness.

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Income Protection

Provides you with an income to help you continue living your life if you have an injury or illness and can't work.

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14 Apr '20

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