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Why SMART Financial Planning is different.

We understand you first. We have a well-developed process that helps us to understand our clients. Only after understanding who you are and what you want, do we develop a plan to help you achieve your goals.

We are committed to our clients and work hard to develop a relationship where we get to know you as a person. We love to know about your kids and your dog, the holiday plans you have or the challenges you may have faced. We are committed to returning phone calls and emails within 24 hours. We strive to work collaboratively with you as your long-term trusted advisor as you move through life’s transitions. 

Client Education

Client Education is a pivotal step in our engagement.

How many people can remember attending a personal finance course in high school or university? Our education system does a poor job in teaching the population about personal finance. SMART Financial Planning clients are able to make well rounded financial decisions because we take the time to explain in plain English, the fundamentals of personal finance that we believe everyone should know.

Your Full-Service Financial Partner

We offer our clients a dynamic combination of three services in-house: management accounting, taxation and financial planning. Those who seek the assistance of a financial advisor are often sent to a tax agent for implementation of a tax plan. We eliminate any discord between the plan and its implementation. It is only logical; Our management accounting is helping you to make money and our tax planning helps you to effectively manage it in tax-effective legal solutions. Lastly, our financial planning enables you to work towards concrete, achievable goals.

Fee-Only Structure

Most people are not aware of the massive conflicts of interests that exist in the delivery of financial services. These conflicts tend to enrich the financial advisor more than the clients they are supposed to be serving. At SMART, we refuse to accept any form of compensation from the sale of investment products nor any third party referral fees. Our compensation comes directly from our clients. This fee structure assures you that the advice we provide is unbiased and in your best interest. Read more about our fee structure here.

Achievement of Goals

We don't structure your strategy around the stockmarket, which would give us commissions. Rather, we structure around your goals, aspirations and objectives. We will measure progress based on the achievement of your personal targets such as putting away towards retirement – whether or not the contribution amount matched what was planned at the beginning of the year.

We address estate planning or risk management issues. We will help you to set realistic, achievable goals and then coach you throughout the year so these goals are met. Check out our Financial Planning process here.


14 Apr '20

Smart Financial Planning

Come and see what happens when the precision of accounting and foresight of financial planning collide.